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La Finta Giardiniera

Phillip Chosky Theatre

Carnegie Mellon University

October 2021

Written by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Costumes: Miranda Boodheshwar

Asst. CD: Grzegorz Labuda

Production Manager: Melanie Holcomb

Asst. PM: Annika Evens

Stage Manager: Brooke Anderson

Adapted by: Nicholas Grosso

Lighting: Sasha Finley

Asst. LD: Bridget Doherty, Ernest Wan

Lighting Manager: Thomas Feather

Asst. LM/ Programmer: Dean Thordarson

Director: Nic Cory

Project Manager: Elliot Queale

Job Lead: Gabe Marchant

Props: Todd Kulik

Asst. PD: Kristin Ward

Props Lead: Natalie Eslami

Asst. SM: Virginia Tipps

Drafting, Models, & Renderings
Visual Research
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